• Something for the socialite
  • Something for the socialite
  • Something for the socialite

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Something for the socialite

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Plant based health essential kit for the professional schmoozer

You’re no stranger to rubbing elbows with strangers. Which is precisely why this kit will come in handy. Designed to be your designated plus one, these natural extracts, minerals and vitamins do all the healthy networking your body needs while you bounce from shindig to shindig. It’s extra support so the extrovert can keep up appearances. Go ahead, work that room, because these plant based supplements have your back.


something for mini rehab
something for cactus throat
something for the knackered

Take as required

something for mini rehab, 10 tablets
something for cactus throat, 50ml oral spray

something for the knackered, 5x 15ml ampoules