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Pelvic floor exercise trainer and app

A strong pelvic floor is essential. These often-overlooked muscles improve core stability, bladder control, postnatal recovery and intensified orgasms, so it’s important to train them as you would any other muscle. Train regularly with Elvie to support your intimate wellness. Elvie is discreet, comfortable and fun.

The Elvie can be as straight forward or as advanced as you like. Either insert it gently into your vagina and simply contract your pelvic floor muscles or use the app to follow a professional workout. Using a lubricant? Make sure it’s water-based, as silicone-based lubricants will deteriorate the surface of your Elvie. Always use cold or warm water to wash product, additionally use a mild or ph-balanced soap.

Medical Grade Silicone
App Controlled
2 Year Warranty
Instant Biofeedback

Includes: Elvie Trainer, Charging Case, USB cable, Quick-start Guide
Compatibility: iPhone 4S and newer Android 4.3 and newer
Bluetooth Smart Ready
I was really excited for this product to arrive. After having 3 children I knew my pelvic floor was weak. The product itself is a very sleek and feminine. The battery is great that it’s chargable. I love that you connect it to your phone to do the exercises and can see your progress from one work out to the next. Before using this product when I exercised I could sometimes be a little incontinent. Since using this product this is no longer a problem. I only had to use it for 5 minutes a day, 3 times a week for a few weeks to notice such a big difference. I couldn’t recommend this product enough. Go and buy one!