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At Self Studies, we want people to celebrate their own pleasure.

To discover it.
To play with it.
To take control of it.
To expand upon it.
To discuss it. To share it.
To perfect it.
Self Studies is a place to shop, a place to share,
a place to learn, a place for pleasure.

Your pleasure is our pleasure.

This weeks read

Navigating Womens Health

There’s one topic which we haven’t discussed yet, but it’s a topic that we always circle back to, constantly. It’s a topic close to our hearts, as we both drift through our forties, one of us on one side of the forties spectrum, the other one on the other side. Both of us always asking about what to expect. So many people often ask us these questions, what to expect? What product to use?
What can support us?

  1. A landscape marked by neglect and misunderstanding.

    Women's health has historically been a landscape marked by neglect and misunderstanding. Only recently has the medical community and society at lar...
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  2. Navigating Menopause: Understanding Perimenopause and Beyond

    Menopause marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. While it may bring challenges it also offers opportunities for growth self-discovery and embracing newfound freedom. Understanding the transitions that our body undergoes, from perimenopause and menopause, each bringing its own set of changes and challenges. 
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  3. Level up on Pleasure

    Whether you're exploring solo or with a partner, the strategic application of lubricants can turn an ordinary encounter into an extraordinary experience.
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  4. A Self Studies Guide to Phone Sex

    In essence, phone sex requires openness, creativity, and trust. By establishing clear communication, fostering intimacy, and embracing imagination, partners can create deeply fulfilling and memorable experiences that strengthen their connection and passion. 
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