You know that old adage, that only you can make yourself happy?
Annoyingly, it’s true.
Because if you don’t know you, then no one will.
No one will know what you like. What you hate.

What turns you on. What turns you off.
How to start. How to pause. How to finish.
Should I start? Should I pause? Have you finished?
You’re your own masterpiece that only you can master.
It’s time to put you, at the heart of you.

To love yourself. Please yourself and study yourself.
Self Studies is here for you.

To empower you. To equip you. To support you.
Self Studies. You come first.

How to make the world a better place – one vagina at a time

July 21, 2022

The last couple of years has seen a surge of gender-inclusive and beautifully designed sex toys and Dame Products is leading the way. Founded by sexologist Alexandra Fine and MIT-engineer Janet Lieberman out of Brooklyn, New York, they had a crystal-clear vision in mind. As Alexandra explains: ‘Our goal was to help close the pleasure gap (according to findings by Dame cis men have 20 to 50% more orgasms as heterosexual cis-women in partnered sexual encounters) for people with vulvas, so we engineered products to encourage self-care, advocacy, and healthy lifestyle, starting with sex and pleasure.’


    A love story with myself.
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  2. Exploring the complexities and joys of loving more

    In polyamorous relationships, all partners are aware of and consent to the other 
    partners, while in throuples, the three people involved are in a committed relationship with each other.

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  3. We may have sex with others together, but I choose you.

    Brand manager, entrepreneur, and avid marathon runner Loïc* (50) and his partner, paralegal and chess player, Valerie* (32), are into swinging. They have tons of fun with it – from a steaming hot threesome with a beautiful stranger to playing erotic dress-up – but also carefully keep each other’s boundaries in check. ‘If I would compare it to literature, it feels like I used to experience six layers in my romantic relationships, now there’s an added seven,’ finds Loïc: ‘It really deepens our relationship.’

    *Names are fictitious for privacy reasons.

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  4. How to find the right sex toy with Alexandra Fine

    How to find the right sex toy and deepen your intimate wellness, according to the woman behind pleasure brand Dame
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