Sexual Awakening

Sexual Awakening

Written by Paula Brečak for Self Studies

Nature is waking up and so is our sexual energy, desires and imaginations. We are slowly coming out of the comforting cocoons of cosy winter evenings that call for cuddling and gentle kisses. We are stepping into warmer days that invite us to take off our clothes and sink our fingers deep into our lovers and ourselves. ‘Tis the time of sexual awakening and awaken we shall.

When Spring rolls around, so many of us get down to decluttering and making space for newness and all the excitement that comes with it. And when we make space for them, sexual excitement and curiosity often show up as well. Though, there is no need to feel bad if they don’t. An active libido does indeed require space, both in your time and your attention. Sometimes we decide to let other things take priority, as sometimes they should. And other times we want to invest into our sexual wellness, so our sexuality would open and give back to us all the good stuff we’ve put into it.

Whether your sexual interest peaks naturally during this time or whether it needs some coaxing and tending to, this article leads you to explore how to sexually embellish the awakening and the freshness of this time of the year. If you always keep a space within your life ready for your sexual wellness, try our suggestions on for size and perhaps discover a new favourite toy, pose, or accessory. And if you first need some Spring cleaning and decluttering to create that space first, we have got you covered as well.

Declutter to make space for newness

Sexual desire can be prompted by warmer weather, the feeling of a fresh start, and revitalising air, but it depends on other factors as well, both internal and external. Sexual desire needs space to arise and exist. It will not just fall into your lap, it needs you to make space for it and invite it in. If your schedule is overflowing, you are not sleeping well or having any time for yourself, there is no space for sexual desire either.

To begin decluttering, start with your time and reorganise your priorities. It is perfectly normal and expected that at different times in your life, sex will be higher or lower on your list of important things. (It is also perfectly normal if sex is not something you yearn for or have interest in ever.) Sometimes you put it off because there are other things that require your attention, but don’t forget to come back to it and set time aside for it. Tend to your stress and energy levels, allow yourself enough quality sleep, perhaps with the help of Something for Dreaming. Move and nourish your body, which will surely improve your sexual wellness, as confirmed by the experts in a recent Self Studies article on What Diet and Exercise Have to Do with Sex.

Arrive to yourself, to your body and your pleasure. Touch, caress, feel. Find what feels good and slowly your body will show you paths to more sexual desires. By signalling to yourself that you have time, space, energy, and will for your sexuality, your sexuality will more easily show itself. If instead it shows you blockages, then that is knowledge as well. Knowledge that you can use to dig deeper, learn about yourself, and seek help and support, if you so wish. But when and if you arrive to a space where curiosity is arising and your sexuality awakening, it is the perfect time to explore and enjoy.

Try new toys

Trying new things will inspire further new explorations and uncovering of new pleasures. Our favourite things to get us going are cute but powerful sex toys. To match the vibrant Spring energy, we are choosing some colourful toys to have ready on the nightstand. Sakura by Iroha is a soft clitoral vibrator whose name and colour reminds of gentle pink cherry blossoms. Its pinchy tip of super soft silicone will perfectly cup the head of the clitoris, to bring pleasure from all sides. This toy is a perfect choice to awaken your sexual senses both solo and during intercourse with a partner.

If you wish to go further and deeper, our two favourite penetrative toys for Spring are waiting for you: Kit and The NeighborKit by The Oh Collective is a bendy dreamy blue vibrator which can be used both internally and externally. Its light and curved design will easily reach your G-zone and follow wherever you guide it with your movements. The Neighbor is the newest addition to the Smile Makers rainbow. It is a vibrating buttplug optimised for beginners, with a round insertion tip and quiet buzzing, perfect for exploring new frontiers of pleasure and pairing with stimulating either vulva and vagina, or penis.

We made sure to include some Spring colours for penis pleasure as well: Spinner Hexa by Tenga is a stretchy sleeve that adds layers of new sensations to penis masturbation. Every stroke is accompanied by a powerful, stimulating twist created through spiral inner parts of the soft sleeve. Use the different toys together or alone, let them inspire you and awaken all the cheekiness in you.

Master new positions

Experiment with toys but experiment with your body too. Bend, stretch, and twist to see how known pleasures feel in yet unexplored positions. We all have those positions in which sex, either solo or partnered, feels safe, and the pleasure guaranteed. It is easy and automatic, but switching it up even a little bit can bring a big sense of novelty which inevitably entices excitement.

During the cold winter months, sex on the bed and under a heavy warm blanket does seem like the most reasonable thing to do. But as the temperature warms up, maybe you can bring the heat to some other areas of your home too… Give the table a try, with one person sitting or laying on top of it and the other standing facing them. From this setup, you can engage in oral or penetrative sex, you can get close to each other to kiss and hug, or you can leave the space between the two of you, giving you access to stimulate different erogenous zones on each other’s bodies using toys or simply your fingers.

When we talk about sex positions, we usually talk about positions that two people can get into during parterend sex. We invite you to give some thought to your solo masturbation positions as well. If you usually position yourself on your back, try laying on your stomach and putting a pillow beneath your hips to make space for a toy. With so many waterproof toys, including Kit by The Oh Collective, solo sex in water can be a refreshing idea. Our thoughts usually go to some relaxing pleasure in a bath, but try it out in a shower too, perhaps leaning against the wall. Masturbating standing can give you a whole new perception of your body and where it draws pleasure from.

Let us know what position, toys, and other novelties awaken your sexual desires and curiosities!




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