Self Aware

  1. How to find the right sex toy with Alexandra Fine

    How to find the right sex toy and deepen your intimate wellness, according to the woman behind pleasure brand Dame
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  2. How to make the world a better place – one vagina at a time

    Dame’s co-founder, sexologist Alexandra Fine, on how to make the world a better place – one vagina at a time
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  3. Where to start?

    Where to start with vibrators

    Pleasure is part of living life to the fullest, and everyone deserves self-pleasure. For serious self-pleasure, heightened orgasms, and really knowing your body thoughtfully designed, gender-inclusive vibrators can be more than helpful on your intimate wellness journey. If you’re new to vibrators it can be daunting to pick one with such a massive range of options out there. Even if you have one at home, you may not have found your perfect match just yet. That’s why we came up with this clear overview of all types of contemporary sex toys. There are palm-sized ones (a ‘private pocket secret’ to carry around), unisex, anus massaging and air-suction (with the sensation of oral sex) vibrators.

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  4. The Future of Sex is Fluid

     Author: Kaira van Wijk for Self Studies The future of sex is fluid, says futures-anthropologist Roanne van Voorst. That is, from the vantage point...
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  5. Self Studies Sexypedia from A to Z

    Author: Team Self Studies

    This cheeky glossary of ours is here to guide you through the fun, enticing universe that is erotic, intimate pleasure and wellbeing.   

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  6. A whole new perspective about sex and power, the influence of dating apps and more.

    Author: Kaira van Wijk for Self Studies

    Men naturally just want more sex than women – not quite, argues therapist Matthijs Kruk. He gives you his whole new and refreshing perspective.

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