1. Put Your Relationship on Your To-Do List

    Self Studies Challenge

    To help you get started with putting your relationship on your to-do list, we are giving you a #SelfStudiesChallenge.

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  2. Cool Positions for Hot Nights

    Best positions for hot temperatures rely on the least touch between bodies possible.
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  3. Is Vacation Sex All it’s Cracked Up to Be?

    Novelty is what wakes up the butterflies in your stomach, gets you giddy, and makes you feel like you’ve just started dating. When your routine is taken apart while on vacation and traveling, and you find yourself in a new environment that requires change and growth, space opens up for new (or perhaps old and forgotten) experiences and feelings.
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  4. Interview: An Outing to a Sex Club

    To offer a first hand story of how it feels and goes down when you go to a sex club, we’ve interviewed Jacob, a nonbinary (AMAB*) bisexual person who is practicing ethical non-monogamy and has been to sex clubs across Europe.
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  5. How to go about going to a sex club?

    Whether it is your first or hundredth time going to a sex club, you should choose the one that fits your interests, comfort levels, as well as your sexuality and gender. 
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  6. Vacation Pleasure Necessities

    Summer is the season of sexuality and sensuality. It can and should easily be filled with playful passion and deep pleasure. The cheekiness of sunny days can lend you just enough zest to explore certain fantasies or to indulge in specific hedonisms. To make this a summer of all that enjoyment and joie de vivre.
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