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About us

It all started in the backyard of an Antwerp townhouse one sultry summer night ten years ago. A friend’s love life came up in conversation, and that conversation lasted until dawn. Reconnecting with your partner, getting intimate, keeping your sex life fun and adventurous, exploring the erotic solo or together. We covered it all.

Fast-forward a decade, and those ideas, those very topics are still on the tips of our tongues. The philosophies and ideals always essential to us – sexuality, intimate care and gender equality – have finally become part of the cultural consciousness. And so, Self Studies was born. At Self Studies we believe that every human being deserves the right to enjoy love, pleasure and intimacy, whether this is with a partner(s) or simply going solo. We’ve curated the world’s best brands and products to create a body-safe, innovative and modern platform, no matter what your preference is.

Though we are not trained sexual wellness educators, we are learning and growing with you every single day. We are lovers, friends, seekers of beauty, delight and intimacy united in a desire to bring sex and self -love to the forefront of wellness and well-being. Because sex, love and intimacy are basic human needs.

The more we know, the better it gets, and we are on this journey with you. We’re always listening, always learning and always sharing. So, let’s find our pleasures together. No matter who, what or how we love.