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Conversational play cards

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A card game to deepen your sexual relationship

Prioritise your pleasure with this playful card game. Let this be a game to guide you on an adventure through your sexuality. We know that asking the right questions helps us become more connected as humans. It can help us explore what sexuality means to us and others around us, enabling us to create deeper, more profound relationships. The rules of this game are simple: there are no rules and no losers. Only Winners 

When playing with two players, pick a card and read aloud. There are three levels of questions: sexual orientation & beliefs, sexual exploration and a visit to the dark room. It’s not necessarily the goal to go through all the questions in one game, but rather go wild with a few. 

60 cards in box
18 x 11.5 x 2.8cm 
Love this. So useful. Much better than a year of therapy...