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Helix Syn Trident

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Prostate Massager

This slick, inky prostate massager is not just nice to look at; it’s also incredible for stimulating the P-Spot. The Helix Syn Trident is super soft, precise and form fitting – ideal for stimulating four erogenous zones at once.

Keeping your lower leg straight, bring your top knee to your stomach and slowly insert Helix Syn Trident, properly positioning the perineum tab. Make sure you're relaxed, breathe deeply and enjoy those new sensations, contracting the sphincter muscle as slowly as possible. The Helix Syn Trident will automatically massage the P-Spot. Using a lubricant? Make sure it’s water-based, as silicone-based lubricants will deteriorate the surface of your Helix Syn Trident. Always use cold or warm water to wash product, additionally use a mild or ph-balanced soap.

Body Safe Silicone
Size Tip Width: 2,7 cm Mid-Ridge Width: 2,4 cm
Stem to Perineum Distance: 4,5 cm
Insertable Length: 10,2 cm