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Yoni Egg Set Quartz

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Natural rose quartz yoni eggs

Connect to your heart as you train your pelvic floor. These beautiful Yoni Eggs don’t only strengthen your pelvic floor to intensify orgasms, improve PMS and prevent urine loss; they also tap into rose quartz’s healing energy, bringing love and positivity every time you wear them.

Warm one of the eggs in your hands until it reaches body temperature and gently insert it into your vagina (make sure the string is secured to the egg for easy removal). Start out with the largest egg and work your way down to the smallest as you train. We often use a natural lubricant to make insertion smoother. Always use cold or warm water to wash product, additionally use a mild or ph-balanced soap.

100% Rose Quartz
100% Natural Product
Hand made
No batteries required
S 3 x 2,5 cm

M 4 x 3 cm
L 5 x 3,5 cm
Includes: Rose Quartz Egg Set, string, cleaning device, pouch, manual