'The Perfect Gift Box for Anyone' Guide

'The Perfect Gift Box for Anyone' Guide

The gift of sexual or intimate wellness can be a perfect way to give anyone in your life some time and tools to indulge themselves. And yes, we mean anyone. Buying a gift from a sexual wellness shop is most commonly associated with buying a gift for your partner. While it is certainly true that gift shopping for your lover is where you can be the most daring, Self Studies also curates a myriad of intimate wellness products that cater to self care. We believe self care and indulging in intimate enjoyment is something everyone could use and would appreciate.

While browsing through the Self Studies range of products, we wondered if we could make a perfect gift box for anyone with just the things found in our shop… To begin with, Self Studies offers a signature gift box that makes wrapping the gift a breeze. The only question is - what to fill the gift box with?

This guide offers recommendations for creating the most memorable gift box from products curated by Self Studies. Here you can find ideas for different genders, bodies, sexualities, as well as what to gift your lover, friend, sister, mother, or even your coworker.

Gift Box for Lovers

We love gifts that give a chance for the gift giver and the gift receiver to spend some quality time together. If you are creating a gift box for your partner, then filling it with goodies that will elevate your intimacy is a perfect direction to take. Think about what will make a cozy evening spent inside even cozier, while making sure you are kept warm, or better yet - hot.

Our first suggestion for a gift box meant to be shared is a Natural Massage Oil by Aia* that will nourish and soothe your bodies, relaxing you and getting you in the mood for what’s to come. And while what’s to come includes a lot of physical connecting, The Couple’s Workbook would also make sure you connect better emotionally, fostering understanding and resilience in your relationship.

Onto the toys: we recommend you get one for each of you. Even if your bodies are similar and you can share toys, it is nice if during your playtime together you can watch each other indulge in pleasure at the same time. A smart wearable vibrator Magic Fugu provides clitoral and vaginal stimulation and is operated through an innovative app that lets you play games, sing songs or draw patterns while seeing the Magic Fugu (and your partner) buzz with pleasure. For the penis owners, the Spinner Shell by Tenga could bring all the joy of the season! Its carefully designed fanned tiles and firm edges create a stimulating twist with every stroke, whether given alone or by a partner. When it comes to protection, you cannot go wrong with a classic, such as the Durex Classic Natural Condoms.

Gift Box for Friends

Once you start gifting friends sex toys and sexual wellness products, they will want nothing else. If you want your friend to treat themselves to some delicate pleasure, here are our favorite products that will put smiles on the faces of those you care about.

Spot by Maude is a beautiful minimalistic G-zone vibrator that will work perfectly both as a pleasure provider and as the aesthetic piece on the bedside table. Its curved head pulses in five intensities and promises easy access to the G-zone, but can be used on other parts of the body as well. Fitting the theme of toys that are so charming they can be presented in public, there is also the Vesper Vibrator Necklace by Crave. Made out of cooling stainless steel, in a combination of silver and rose gold colors, this discreet necklace also serves as a powerful clitoral vibrator. At a touch of a button, it switches between three pulsing settings, coming with you wherever you go. Given the great efficiency of these toys, we suggest adding the Aia* Delay Gel to this gift box to make sure the ending doesn’t come all too soon.

In the world of masturbators, the Sam Neo masturbator by Svakom is an innovative and original one. It is interactive and app controlled, offering five different settings or the possibility to pair with a stimulating video. Its silicone insides are textured with soft spikes and create a pleasurable suction. To combine with the Sam Neo or to be used on its own, we suggest the Vice 2 by Aneros as the second goodie in this box. Vice 2 is a powerful prostate massager that pulses in 18 vibrator patterns and four speeds that can be adjusted via remote control. Its particular shape will also bring pleasure to the perineum. To get the best out of both of these toys, add some organic and aloe-based Shine Lubricant by Maude to this gift of pleasure.

Gift Box for Sister or Mom

As Self Studies curates not only sexual wellness products, but intimate and personal wellness products as well, it is a perfect place to build a gift box for your sister or your mom. Equip them with everything they need for some self care and attention focused just on them.

What says self care better than a warm bath? The Tub Kit No. 1 by Maude features delicious bath salts and a lovely coconut milk bath that will envelop the bathroom in notes of amber, cedar leaf, lemongrass, tonka bean and medjool date, calming both mind and body. And then what better to combine the bath with, than the Mind & Body book from the School of Life? This theoretical and practical book can help balancing and maintaining physical and mental harmony by offering physical exercises that can impact sources of anxiety and uneasiness.

Finish this nourishing gift box by adding the Glowery Glow at Home collagen. This completely natural supplement can add to the health and strength of skin, hair, and nails, supporting the body as it ages.

Gift Box for Coworkers

With this one, we challenged ourselves - can we really create a box that is entirely safe for work? Yes, we surely can! Self care is an important part of life, both at home and outside of it. If you don’t care for yourself, the attention you can give to your relationships, your friends, and your work will diminish as well. With this box, you can show your coworkers you wish for them to feel the best they can with a gift of self care.

Start the box for your coworker with Something for the Powerful Woman - a supplement set from Biocol Labs. This set is designed to support a woman who knows how to keep everything and everyone in check, but who also needs and deserves some care and attention herself. These little somethings can help her sleep better and steer clear of tiredness and fatigue. As she is nourished from within, so she can be from the outside with the Infinite Balm by Baubo. This multipurpose balm provides hydration for every skin type, day or night, at home or on the move. If your coworker deals with lots of emergencies (who doesn’t?), equip them with some advice from the Emotional First Aid Kit by the School of Life. It will provide help and advice with psychological situations that include friendships, love, sex, work, and the self. Of course, a magical solution to all the problems cannot be expected, but when life serves a test, this kit can help control the situation until calm returns and the mind clears.

From lovers to coworkers, Self Studies has you covered with all the gifts for this holiday season. And if you are still unsure what to get your loved one, there is always the gift card.

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