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At Self Studies we believe every human deserves the right to enjoy love, pleasure and intimacy, whether this is with a partner(s) or simply going solo. Self Studies curates the world's best brands and products to create a body safe, innovative and modern platform, no matter what your preference is. Within Self Love we have dildosA dildo is an object shaped like a penis, used for sexual stimulation. While they are shaped like a penis, this doesn't mean they have to look like one. Dildos can be used in the mouth, anus or vagina. Dildos come in varying shapes and materials. Some are curved to better fit the prostate or G-Spot. Try out the Party Marty Confetti and Rose Quartz Wand.

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We deliver within 2-4 days within the Netherlands, and shipping throughout Europe. Packaging is discreet, with a plain brown box, no fuss, no logo, no attention.

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You’re at the right place to find the perfect gift. Self Studies has the finest hand-picked assortment of sex toys and complimentary care. Go directly to best sellers: Arc G Spot vibrator, Eva, The Firefighter, Pro 2, Tori, Flamingo, Sona Cruise, and Alice. We also have gorgeous Fragrances, Chocolates and Books and Games.

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Not sure what to give, give a Self Studies Gift Card, the perfect gift to ensure a little Self Love. 


Within Self Aware you can find an array of content written especially for Self Studies. During our journey, we became very aware, quite soon that there are so many terms that we were not familiar with. So we created our own A to Z of sexual terms for our Sexypedia, enjoy!

Buying a dildo?
You are at the best place to buy your dildo. Self Studies has a carefully curated assortment of dildos. Self Studies works with globally the finest brands, ensuring that materials and technologies are best in class. You probably want to know what dildo to buy? Dildos come in many different models, shapes, sizes and colours.
By understanding which body part(s) you wish to stimulate with a vibrator, this will help navigate through the various options. Do you wish to stimulate the clitoris, G-Spot, vagina, vulva, anus, P-Spot, perineum, prostate?

Why buy at Self Studies
We’ve taken the stress out of buying a dildo. We’ve curated the world’s best dildos, using the latest technologies and body-safe materials. We’ve selected a comprehensive range of dildos to ensure there’s something for everyone.