WRITTEN PLEASURE - A Night Out. With a Small Addition for the Evening

WRITTEN PLEASURE - A Night Out. With a Small Addition for the Evening

By studio-wednesday.com

“What is it?” Chloe asked as she opened the box slowly. It has been two months since implementing what they referred to as ‘operation kinky,’ a lame name they gave to their shared resolution as a couple to explore more, together. The notion was simple: twice a month, they reserve time to experience intimacy. From full hearts, staring into each other’s eyes whispering, “oh, I love you so much,” to eyes closed, head back, hair pulled, screaming “oh, fuck yeah,” and other moans that can’t be replicated on written text. 

Each time they switch whose turn it is, who gets to plan the day’s activity. They chat the few days leading up to it, discussing what they are looking forward to and where they think their boundaries are, teasing each other until the day comes. They aren’t trailblazers. They aren’t regulars in the kink community. They’re just two women who fucking love each other and love fucking each other.

It was Luna’s turn this week. She handed Chloe the well-wrapped box. Both sitting up in bed, their naked bodies intertwined under the duvet that was far too bulky for their small bed. “Ok…so it’s this thing called a flamingo,” she says, pulling her hair back in the way she normally would when reading a recipe for dinner. “So basically, it's a vibrator, but you put it inside of you, and then this piece here stays outside too, you know, stimulate your clitoris.”

“But how does it turn on?” Chloe inspected the pink toy and looked at the box for a missing piece. “With this app,” Luna pins Chloe down and straddles her, holding her phone in both of her hands, her head tilting to one side of it. They share a moment of intrigue and start to make out. As the morning sun peeked through their bedroom, the two took turns kissing each other softly and discussing how this new toy, maybe the size of a few fingers, would come into play. Tomorrow, on Sunday, Luna made a reservation at a fancy restaurant nearby to celebrate Chloe’s promotion. But now, Chloe was much more interested in using that opportunity to explore a bit with their new accessory.

It’s Sunday evening. Luna is wearing a blush pink dress, straps too thin for a bra, and a length just long enough to sit at a restaurant and fit in. She slips on the heels she knows will make her legs look like she's been to the gym every day and runs her fingers through her hair, pushing it to one side. Chloe is dressed in all black, as usual, her leather body suit dipping down just enough to reveal the tip of the tattoo on her chest, and her black pants fit the form of her body, moving with and hugging every curve.

At the restaurant, they start with some bubbles and cheers to Chloe's achievement. They start on the first of a few courses when Chloe excuses herself, walks up the stairs, and finds the restroom. A large single restroom, dim light, walls pained emerald green, and is that eucalyptus? She shuffles in her purse to find the extra guest for the evening. She warms the little pink toy up in her hands, gliding on just enough of the travel-sized lube she brought with her, and slides it in. The pressure feels good already. And she stares at herself in the mirror for a second. She feels her nipples get hard.

Luna spots her coming back to the table and has her mischievous grin on “So?” Chloe sits down, crosses her legs, and leans forward to caress Luna’s hand. “Let’s see how this goes. You’re in charge, baby.” Luna looks around as if they are hiding something from everyone around them and opens the app on her phone. As she calmly plays with the vibration intensity, she watches Chloe’s posture change, and her smile grows wider. “Babe shit, stop, stop.” Chloe lightly kicks Luna under the table. The waiter is coming with more food.

As the evening goes on, they enjoy their fancy food and drinks, but they really can’t stop staring at each other. Luna’s chest is getting flushed, and she starts to bite her lower lip as she watches Chloe enjoy small moments of pleasure. She’s getting wet.

As they finish dinner and pay the bill, they go to use the restroom once more before leaving. Upstairs, tucked away from the guests and staff, they both walk in and lock the door behind them. Luna grabs Chloe’s waist, and they start kissing. First on the lips, and then Chloe moves to Luna's neck, slipping down one of her straps and gliding the dress down just over her nipple. She gives it a small bite, and Luna’s head falls back.

“Want to get on the counter?” Chloe makes it sounds like a question, but it’s a demand. Luna slips off her underwear and hops up. Chloe’s fingertips are lightly brushing along Luna’s legs, traveling up and teasing her as she slides her fingers around Luna’s lips, careful not to go inside, just yet. As Luna tilts her hips back, Chloe pulls herself in to taste her. Hands grasping Luna’s back, tongue sliding all over, all in her, Chloe wants to feel Luna come. Luna grabs her phone one more time and starts turning the toy on. A small moan escapes Chloe, and Luna can feel it inside of her. The two try their best to stay quiet, but fuck, this is hot.

Only a few minutes pass, but they both forget that time is even moving. They forget they're in the restroom at a fancy restaurant. They forget that they planned this, and they forget everything that does not serve them right here, right now, in this moment. And they come.

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