Cool Positions for Hot Nights

Cool Positions for Hot Nights

Written by Paula Brečak for Self Studies

There’s a fine line between being hot for sex and being too hot for sex. In this article, we will try to help you walk it and make the most of the hot Summer nights (even though they may be coming to an end).

The heat from the outside brings on the heat within. The clothes start getting lighter and fewer, and the ideas of romance and suggestive caresses take form more easily. Sunny Summer months bring with them the ‘feel good’ hormones, time off work and routine, and ready opportunities for passionate moments. But while you imagine that the warm weather might have you both walking naked around your home or your hotel room, taking notice of each other’s glow, and then burying your faces, your limbs, and your entire bodies into each other, that may not go as planned. On postcards the Summer always looks sexy, in reality it often feels more sweaty. Your Summer passion will probably, at one time or other, witness the discussion of who is going on top - both of you being just too overheated for touch or physical movement. So it is not always as sexy as you hope it will be, but we have a few tricks to pull on all that heat and to help you get into cool positions for hot nights.

Doggy Style (with Extras)

You can’t go wrong with a classic. Best positions for hot temperatures rely on the least touch between bodies possible. No chafing, no sweat on sweat on sweat, on retention of hot air between the two of you. In a doggy, all that really has to touch are your genitals. To make it extra, have the receiving partner lean over something, preferably cold. Suggestions include: marble countertops, stone tables, a sink splashing cold water. With this addition, one partner is getting the touch of a cold, soothing surface, while the other partner is getting all the benefits of free-flowing air. It also leaves your hands empty for touching any erogenous zones you might enjoy, like your clitoris, neck, butt, or hair.

Elevated Missionary

When you don’t want to think or get into the physics of any advanced positions that seem like they might look good only when enacted by professionals, missionary often comes to rescue. Regular missionary position, however, requires lots of body contact and one person to be pressed into all the body heat available. In elevated missionary, the receiving partner lies on their back and puts a pillow below their hips. The penetrating partner gets on their knees and between their partner’s legs. The said legs can then do their own thing, but for the coolest version we suggest spreading them wide. Another benefit of this position is that is will allow you to experiment with angles of penetration by experimenting with the height of the receiving partner’s hips, by adding or removing pillows.

Quick Refreshment

If you’re in for a quicky and also in need of a refreshment, you might like to try and position yourselves in front of an open refrigerator. This is not the most energy efficient option, but that is why it is in the quicky category. Approach penetration from behind so you can be stable on your feet and so one or both of you can use your hands to hold yourself upright against the refrigerator or nearby walls. Bonus points if you can take this opportunity to make some water with lemon and ice!

Cold Plunges (That Actually Feel Good)

There is no shortage of articles and books that explain why it is beneficial for your physical and mental health to take cold showers. Whether this practice is something you prescribe to or not, having sex under a cold (or at least lukewarm) shower on a scorching day feels good. At the same time you can wash away the sweat, the SPF, the irritatedness, and the need for touch. Take on any position you like, the calming water will make sure none of them get too hot. Just remember that water actually dries out natural lubrication, so you might want to equip yourself with some lubricant.

Simple Oral

We know that sex isn’t necessarily just penis-into-vagina penetration, right? So enjoy sex that leaves that part out all together and allows for some more space around your bodies. Make oral sex the main course and then have it twice - because you should both get your turn. Take simple positions like the receiving partner sitting on a chair or even standing, and the giving partner kneeling in front of them on the cold floor. If you’d like to take it a step further, try incorporating some erotic material in your practice, like turning on a porn film or audio porn. You will get all the release without breaking a sweat!

Remote Sex (While in the Same Room)

Using sex toys as a couple is a very fun and intimate way to deepen your relationship and expand your sexual experiences together. During those days and nights that are too hot to even touch each other, sex toys are a nice and practical way to achieve some pleasure and intimate bonding. Grab some toys, get cozy next to each other, and explore yourselves together. You can each decide to use your own separate toy or you can opt for a remote control toy, worn by one person and controlled by the other, the options for couple’s toys are truly abundant. Masturbating next to your partner, while they are doing the same, might seem odd at the first try. Remember that it is all for the purpose of the two of you connecting and finding pleasure together. It can be silly, funny, and awkward. It can also become a completely new practice of sexuality that you decide to include in your repertoire.

Summer sex provides an instant illusion of just the best sex ever, Summer heat can provide instant disillusionment. But even then, the possibility of good sex does not have to be completely turned down. Learn how to keep cool while you are getting hot and make most of the last Summer days!

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