Vacation Pleasure Necessities

Vacation Pleasure Necessities

Written by Paula Brečak for Self Studies

Imagine a summer scene - somewhere by the sea, a breeze and a cocktail, your lover’s hand on your bare knee, you feel buzzed from the sun and invited to play. Summer vacations mean slow and easy, time for rest and relaxation, for getting in touch with whatever brings you joy and for profoundly enjoying it. The warm weather and the long days fill you up with energy and inspiration to be steered towards yourself and perhaps towards the person whose fingers are drawing waves on your skin, stirring the waves within you while doing so.

Summer is the season of sexuality and sensuality. It can and should easily be filled with playful passion and deep pleasure. The cheekiness of sunny days can lend you just enough zest to explore certain fantasies or to indulge in specific hedonisms. To make this a summer of all that enjoyment and joie de vivre, we have prepared a list of all the passionate and sensual sexual necessities that you should definitely pack in your vacation bag and not leave behind.

  • Iroha Kushi - The softest vibrator
  • Place the Kushi alongside the shells picked up at the beach for a lovely nightstand display. Because truly, Kushi is just as beautiful and resembles something so easy and natural. This silicone clitoral vibrator is just what is needed after a long day at the beach and under the sun. Its softness and ruffled edges kiss the skin gently, while providing powerful, targeted stimulation to the clitoris, the nipples, or wherever you’d like. Five speeds and two vibration patterns offer options of sensations for whatever you might be in the mood for.

  • Crave Vesper - Wear your pleasure
  • How about packing economically by combining an accessory and a vibrator? Vesper by Crave doubles as a necklace and a clitoral vibrator. Made of rose gold and silver stainless steel, this piece of beauty is as discreet as it is powerful. Besides being a stunning addition to your day or evening look, Vesper also provides three vibration speeds and a pulse setting. In case you want to sneak in a little pleasure play at the back of a club or on an isolated beach, just take off your necklace to quickly and discreetly get to it.

  • Tenga Geo Aqua - Something for your guy
  • A perfect pairing to the soft Kushi, this toy’s structure imitates waves and is a perfect little something to bring with so your partner also finds some new playfulness during your summer of pleasure. Geo Aqua, by a popular masturbator brand Tenga, is a stretchy penis sleeve that wraps around the penis to create deep sensations. The specialty of this small ball of happiness is that it is ribbed for his pleasure. Inspired by nature and geometry, Geo Aqua sports soft ridges that create layered sensations. The absence of a hard shell allows for the application of just the right pressure, position, and movements.

  • Pillow Talk Cards - For intimate conversations
  • Pleasure and passion do not come just from doing and acting, they often get their driving force from talking and getting to know each other intimately. These conversations do not always come easy, but summer vacation nights may just be the right time and place to share your desires and fantasies. Use the Pillow Talk Cards to get the conversation started, to think about and share what feels nice, what you long for, and what excites you. Perhaps the warm and easy nights combined with the vulnerable closeness make those fantasies and longings come to reality…

  • Aia* Lubricant, Stimulating Gel, and Massage Oil - Travel-size intimacy essentials
  • Pack the gadgets and the accessories, but don’t forget the essentials. The intimacy essentials box from one of our favorite Dutch brands Aia* includes a lubricant, a stimulating gel, and a massage oil - and all in travel-size flight-friendly packaging too. Aia* star product is the natural lubricant which you will surely buy in full size when you are back from your vacation. It is water-based, organic, hydrating, free of silicones and parabens and thus safe to use with (silicone) toys and latex condoms. Aia* stimulating gel also boasts the natural ingredients and water base. It produces a gentle warming effect to arouse and stimulate the clitoris, in use with toys or on its own. The natural massage oil is perfect for self care as well as for deepening partner intimacy. It is vegan, pH-balanced, and richly nourishing. This is one threesome that you will be in the mood for every time!

  • Something for the Jetsetters - To start and end your trip right
  • To make sure that your vacation is all about resting, relaxing, and recharging, support your body with a little something. This set includes a bunch of little somethings - something for a mini-rehab, something for dreaming, something for bloated tums, and something for immunity. These cute and effective natural plant-based supplements by Biocol Labs will help you in a variety of ways. They will keep the hangover away before it has even started, help you beat the jet-lag overnight, make sure enjoying decadent meals while traveling won’t mess with your digestion, and will aid your immunity in staying strong and you in staying healthy and full of energy.

    Choose some or all of the necessities of our packing list and make sure to get them in time for your vacation. Get ready. Pack your pleasure. And make this a summer of sensuality and passion.


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