Where to start?

Where to start?

Where to start with vibrators

Pleasure is part of living life to the fullest, and everyone deserves self-pleasure. For serious self-pleasure, heightened orgasms, and really knowing your body thoughtfully designed, gender-inclusive vibrators can be more than helpful on your intimate wellness journey. If you’re new to vibrators it can be daunting to pick one with such a massive range of options out there. Even if you have one at home, you may not have found your perfect match just yet. That’s why we came up with this clear overview of all types of contemporary sex toys. There are palm-sized ones (a ‘private pocket secret’ to carry around), unisex, anus massaging and air-suction (with the sensation of oral sex) vibrators.

Bullet vibrators

Let’s begin with the perfect vibrator for first timers: bullet vibrators. Shaped like a softly rounded bullet, a bullet vibrator such as Zee which is compact, discreet, and easy to operate. Zee happens to be a bullet vibrator that can be used both internally and externally. Whereas most bullet vibrators are only intended for external stimulation and can therefore offer a ‘less intimidating start’ (according to some) to the realm of vibrators. A vibrator called ‘lipstick vibrator’ is also a bullet vibrator but with a slightly different top. Kip for instance has a cylindrical body, flat tip, and hard edges (coated in super soft silicone) for intense clitoral stimulation. You’ll surely be off to a flying start when you’re diving off this cliff for the first time. Just press the head against the clitoris, release, cycle through desired modes, and pick your personal stimulus to reach a climax like you’ve never had before.                     
 Air & Suction vibrators

As you may guess from the name ‘air and suction’, an air-pulsing vibrator mimics the sensations of receiving oral sex. It delivers a delicate yet thrilling push and pull-effect throughout. Slowly build arousal until you reach your peak. These vibrators are easily recognized by their ‘indented head’. This little dimple, using air pressure, doesn’t touch the clitoris directly but forms an airtight seal. It then emits pulses of air and gentle vibration once you press the ‘on’ button. Promise, you’ve never experienced anything quite like it.

 G-Spot vibrators

For many people with a vulva, the G-spot is located about halfway between the vaginal opening and the cervix. The latest in smart G-Spot vibrators, such as the popular Arc, are intended to be enjoyed both internally and externally. In other words, they offer ‘double duty’. Curved at a perfect angle to hit sensitive spots on the vaginal wall as well as a soft, bulb-shaped head that comes in handy for targeted stimulation. Insert into the vagina, push gently towards the belly, and apply pressure and movement at your favored speed.

Clitoral vibrators

At first glance, some resemble tiny sculptures that look beautiful by your bedside. Don’t be deceived by looks only, there’s substance there too. These types of gentle vibrators deliver serious sensations when we’re talking targeted orgasms. As you might imagine, you can put these palm-sized vibrators straight on your clitoris – located just above the vagina opening. Ultra-soft with a marshmallow-like feel and rhythmic pulsations. Fun for foreplay, during intercourse or solo in bed or bath (yes, they’re usually waterproof).

App-controlled vibrators

If you want to take your self-pleasure to a next level, let us introduce you to some real special app-controlled vibrators. They can be more robustly shaped, such as the Magic Flamingo in electric pink, and are to be controlled from a distance using – you guessed it – an app on your smartphone. Whether you prefer a wearable music vibrator for stimulation to the rhythm of your desired beat, one that works out your pelvic floor muscles or targets your prostate and perineum at once in a pleasurable way. There’s something here for you.

Anal vibrators

Whether you find anal to be a bit intimidating or are deeply – no pun intended – into anal sex, an anal vibrator is a step up. It’s smartly shaped to the natural curves of your buttocks. Simply put, a vibrator such as Lolli Plug is developed to erotically stimulate the anus of people of all genders. The one common feature: this toy produces a vibrating effect in the rectum for pleasurable sensations. Most of these types of vibrators also offer ‘bonus points’: stimulating the G-Spot and clitoris or prostate and perineum all at the same time.

Wearable vibrators

This is where the real fun, surprise, and excitement comes in: a wearable vibrator. This one can be controlled locally or remotely (by your love interest of yourself). As the name suggests, you can wear this vibrator inside your panties and press play whenever you feel like a high intensity or subtle stimulation. A discrete, whisper-silent vibrator like the Magic Nyx spices up your daily (sex) life.

Warming vibrators

Touch is one thing, radiating heat is another – both can be stimulating to the inner vaginal nerves, the clitoris, and the penis. A warming vibrator slowly builds up to 40 °C. The angled shape of for instance Drift reaches all erogenous zones with ease. This warming vibrator is a welcome ‘third party’ for partner play, or to play around with solo.

Wand vibrators

A wand vibrator kind of looks like a microphone, and it definitely promises to have you sing a few high notes. The first wand vibrators from sex toy history – dating back to around the 1870s – have become serious cult objects but weren’t that easy or comfortable to use. Their modern counterparts still offer powerful vibrations while being utterly lightweight and versatile. In essence, a wand vibrator is a massaging device that can also be used as a sex toy. Consisting of a rounded vibrating ball that you can place on for instance the clitoris.

Couples’ vibrator  

Of course, any sort of vibrator can be used with someone else involved, but some are specifically designed or particularly useful for partner play. Let’s take Eva as an example: tuck the flexible wings – or bunny ears, whatever you want to call it – under your labia with the ‘body’ sitting on top of the clitoris. In a similar way it can be placed on the head of a penis. This provides the wearer with erotic stimulation – as desired with or without penetrative sex. Then there’s also couple vibrators, like Endless Joy, with multiple applications. If you’ve never used a couples’ vibrator with your significant other before, be prepared to explore a whole new dimension to your relationship.

Penis sleeve

A penis sleeve, to be comfortable fitted around the penis, serves two purposes. It’s of course used to induce and heighten a host of erotic sensations with for instance a softly ridged texture. At the same time, wearing a penis sleeve during intercourse can reduce premature ejaculation to boost performance. It’s expressly designed to improve your own (and your partner’s) sexual pleasure. 

Enjoy the vibe.



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