The Gift of Pleasure

The Gift of Pleasure

As shop windows take on their seasonal outfits of twinkling fairy lights and large bows on colorful wrapped packages, your mind must be rushing to one of the pertaining questions of the holiday season - which presents should I get? You are making lists of people you plan on gifting and crossing out the things you know they already have.
We have an idea for something you can never have enough of - pleasure.

The gift of sexual and intimate pleasure and wellness is a gift that keeps on giving. One you can always innovate with and come back to. It never wears out and will always leave you with a smile on your face. And your options as the gift giver are limitless - you can gift a luxurious show-stopper or a small stocking stuffer, you can go for something adventurous and daring, or stick to more safer options that will work for anyone. From dildos and versatile vibrators to mood-setting candles and conversation-starting cards, intimate wellness is a gift everyone will find pleasure and comfort in.

A thing or an experience?

When thinking of a present for someone becomes tough, here is a trick that could help you expand your options: Ask yourself, or that person directly, whether they would prefer a gift in terms of a material object or an experience. The advantage of presents from the sexual wellness pile is that they usually cover both! Your gift will include a physical thing that can be wrapped and put under the Christmas tree, it will give a sense of joy while unwrapping and exploring it, but it will also be something that can be used over and over again. One sex toy or an intimacy game can be explored in a variety of ways, making each use a unique and special one.

Unwrapping the gift

Gifts are not (only) about getting things. They are an opportunity to show someone you thought about them and put effort into getting them what you believe they will enjoy. They are a chance for a person to feel appreciated and taken care of. So receiving and unwrapping a gift should also be a special experience. Luckily, everything that Self Studies curates comes beautifully packaged to be enjoyed from the first sight. Our brands pay attention to both the things on the inside and the outside. They assure that even before the gift is put into use, it can already be appreciated, whether through dynamic colors, designer packaging or carefully placed details. And if you would like to combine multiple products into one gift, place them all into a signature Self Studies gift box and do justice to the very special gifts to be found inside.

Pure pleasure, no work

Sometimes we love useful and practical gifts, those that will make our everyday lives and tasks easier and more enjoyable. But sometimes, we want something just for ourselves, not related to our chores or to be used in doing any sort of work. (You know that getting your partner a window mop is not actually a good gift, right?) Sexual wellness products bring pleasure, enjoyment, and relaxation. They promise time that can be spent alone or with a partner, but time that will not make you work and tire. That is what really makes a good gift, something that will be used and enjoyed, that will make you focus on doing things that you love and that make you happy. And who wouldn’t be happy with an experience of wellness and indulgence?

Options, options, options

Can you go wrong with a sexual wellness or intimacy product as a gift? Well, perhaps. Don’t overstep any boundaries or shock somebody with something you think they might not actually have a taste for. But even for those friends that would not appreciate a vibrating butt plug in the Secret Santa gift exchange, there are gifts to be picked from the intimate wellness goodie bag. Take a look through the Self Studies Self Care assortment to find perfect non-sexual wellness presents. If you are comfortable with going down the more sensual route with your gift, Self Studies has got you covered with everything from the smaller stocking stuffers like the SmileMakers’ The Surfer, to the well-known luxury toys such as the Le Wand Petite Massager and even jewelry.

In case you just cannot think of what this person might enjoy most, or perhaps you cannot choose from all the options at your disposal, there are always gift cards. Add the amount you wish and let your loved one choose whatever they wish from the goodies curated by the Self Studies

Psst, our next article will guide you through perfect sexual and intimate wellness gift boxes you can make yourself from Self Studies curated products. It will cover different genders, body types, sexuality, and give you some ideas on what to gift your lover, your friend, your sister, or even your coworker. 

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